While we were pregnant with our first child, my wife would often call me to "feel" the baby kick. I would almost always miss it, so she put a remote control on her tummy so I could "see" it move when the baby kicked.

We searched for a visually stimulating device we could watch as our baby kicked but found nothing, so we have created TummyKickers™! Now people can watch something fun as their baby kicks, even from across the room! We hope you have as much fun "watching" your TummyKicker™ as we had creating it.

~ Miles and Wendi ~


TummyKickers™ is small, easy to use and lightweight.

  • Dimensions: 6" long x 1.5" tall x 2" wide
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Material: Non-toxic plastic filled with non-toxic saline solution and non-toxic plastic trinkets

Why use TummyKickers™?

  • Watch as the vibrations from your baby's kick last longer.
  • Movement can be seen across the room with the floating trinkets adding to the whole experience.
  • Your significant other as well as the whole family can now be involved in the experience!
  • Very comfortable to use and enjoyable to watch!
  • Share the joy through video conferencing with long distance relatives and loved ones in the Military!
TummyKickers in the Package


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